How To Fix A Leaking Tap On Your Own

So, it’s 2am, you’re trying to sleep, and all you can hear is that tap dripping in the bathroom; an hour later, you’re still incredibly bothered by the annoying noise that continues to disrupt your sleep. While we don’t advocate for interfering with plumbing issues without having someone qualified assist, if you take all of the correct precautions and care, repairing a leaking tap can be a task that many are able to complete.

If you attempt, and are unable to fix the problem, we strongly recommend contacting a plumber, but in the meantime, for those that would like to try it on their own, here is our guide.

Turning the water supply off is a crucial step, because it all takes is for you to accidently unscrew something and not only will you have water hitting you in the face, the litres of water gushing will also hit the pockets hard when bill time arrives. Generally, the valve will be under the sink or the basin, if not, you can turn the water off from the meter, which is generally at the front of your home.

Have your tap washer repair kit on hand; once the water has been turned off, let the tap run until the water has run out. Use a spanner to loosen the body, and remove the washer on the tap base, then pull out the jumper valve, that has the washer attached to its base.

Wind the spindle as if you were turning the tap off; you should be able to see the O-ring, which usually sits on the groove. Push the ring off or cut it with a knife. Wipe the whole spindle, removing the grime, roll on a new O-ring, then wind back the spindle.

Place the jumper valve in body, and place new body washer on the base; wind the tap body and tighten with a spanner, so it’s now attached to the tap. Ensure that the cover, handle and button are reinstalled; turn on the water supply, then the tap gently, making sure there are no leaks.

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Some Signs That You Need To Contact A Plumber

Plumbing skills are an incredibly handy trade to have. While there are some issues that require basic knowledge, there are many that call for an experienced plumber to handle the problem. Whether your toilet is clogged or your tap is dripping, this can cause major issues and requires immediate action.


There are a number of households that are used to a dripping tap, while this isn’t a large issue, it’s still wasting water and prolonging the repair can exacerbate the problem.

We recommend that once a year you turn on all water faucets inside of your home to monitor the water pressure. They should all have a steady flow, and we suggest you see how quickly the water drains, as slow drainage could mean that a clog is about to occur.

When there are problems involving the pipes, this is when you would need to contact a plumber, as any sort of issue can affect the whole property. If you discover a puddle under one of the pipes, finding the source of the hitch is best left to a professional.


Having a malfunctioning toilet is incredibly annoying, especially if it’s the only toilet in your home. Waiting some time in between flushes, or having the water in the toilet whooshing up to the top and almost overflowing are just some of the issues that home owners are faced with. If there is water surrounding the toilet or the toilet is making an odd noise, we suggest opening the cistern and checking to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. Cisterns older than five years begin to deteriorate, and may need to be replaced. Calling a plumber will ensure that the best solution is achieved.

Neglecting your hot water system can also have a number of repercussions,  as getting some professsional asssitance will prevent the hot water system from failing when its needed the most.

How Do CCTV Drain Cameras Assist Your Plumber?

Do you continue to struggle with drain blockages on your property? Maybe you eliminated a blockage recently and the problem has returned? In cases where drain blockages occur regularly, most established plumbing companies use CCTV camera to find the source of the problem. With a specially designed drain CCTV camera, plumbers can easily figure out the issue behind reoccurring drain blockages.

ccctv drain camera

When a drain is blocked, it’s important that you contact a plumber who uses a CCTV camera, as it can pin point the exact issue.

Your blockage could be for a number of reasons such as :

  • Objects have entered the Piping and have become stuck
  • Build up of Liquids or Substances
  • Faulty or Broken Piping
  • Bad Installation of Pipes
  • Hair Build Up

drain camera

When plumbers suggest the use of a CCTV camera inspection, you can be certain that whatever your blockage may be, it can be identified without confusion.

Plumbers will send the CCTV camera down the drain and at the same time live footage will be displayed onto an external monitor. A plumber will be able to diagnose your problem immediately from the live footage. All plumbing companies will use a brand of camera they deem most appropriate, but it doesn’t really matter for the client, as long as you see the footage clearly.


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If at any time you notice something isn’t quite right with a gas system or the blocked sewer, its best to call a professional to have it examined, as prolonging the issue could cause more damage.

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